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Still deine Neugier

Ganz gleich, ob dir Fragen aufkommen, wie die Tierkommunikation funktioniert, welche Methoden es gibt oder wie du selbst erste Schritte auf diesem Gebiet unternehmen kannst – ich freue mich, von dir zu hören, deine Fragen zu beantworten und dir Einblicke in die telepathische Verständigung mit Tieren zu geben. Lass uns gemeinsam in die spannende Welt der Tierkommunikation eintauchen!

  • What does cross-species communication mean?
    The scientific approach describes cross-species communication as a detailed, non-verbal and non-physical form of communication between humans and other animals. Communication is based on a variety of intuitive abilities and includes, for example, the mutual exchange of physical perceptions, emotions, thoughts and visual impressions in the mind's eye. This exchange takes place directly and reciprocally and is independent of the physical proximity of the conversation partners. Therefore, this process is often referred to as telepathic - derived from the Greek words tele, which means "far away". or "removed" meaning, and patheia, meaning "feeling or perception" means. Extracted and translated from English from the University of Saskatchewan scientific study and publication: Barrett, M.J., Hinz, V., Wijngaarden, V. & Lovrod, M. - "Speaking with other animals through intuitive interspecies communication: towards cognitive and interspecies justice", in: A Research Agenda for Animal Geographies (2021), Chapter 10. Full version of the scientific publication is available online:< /a>
  • How is animal communication possible?
    From a scientific perspective, cross-species communication requires researchers and practitioners to understand all animals as socially like-minded communication partners and to engage with them in an unbiased manner. However, in order to acknowledge the actual existence of cross-species communication, it is also important to understand the context. The French anthropologist and philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, sums up this context well:"We are spiritual beings having a human experience; non-human beings having a spiritual experience.. As spiritual beings or souls, it is part of our nature to be able to exchange ideas with each other at any time, regardless of a physical form, through telepathic communication. Telepathy is therefore a universal language that is shared by all spiritual beings, both human and non-human species. In practice, a sincere openness, a fine "inner" Perception, genuine interest in the interlocutor and the practice as such pave the way to cross-species communication.
  • Is animal communication a gift?
    While the word "telepathy" While it may seem to some to be a super-competence available only to a select few with special abilities, it is an everyday intersubjective communication experience for numerous people around the world. As described in the previous paragraph, telepathic communication is an essential part of our being as souls and is available to each of us at any time. However, we humans have often suppressed or lost this ability because our society places the emphasis on verbal and written language and this is similar to mental “thinking”. prefers. In this context, part of my mission as a professional animal communicator is to enable cross-species communication from the "paranormal" into the "normal" to get back. I am therefore looking forward with all my heart to being able to accompany those interested in making their own experiences and am always available to answer questions in advance.
  • What can be expected from an animal communication session?
    It is very important to me that my human clients understand how I work and what can be expected from a session. ​ Telepathic animal communication offers a very special opportunity for an immediate, two-way conversation with the beloved animal. Questions can be asked about topics that are of great interest or existing problems can be addressed. My role as an animal communicator is similar to that of a mediator who creates a trusting connection between the animal and its human so that the two can understand each other better. I convey personal perspectives, specific concerns, physical well-being, feelings and other relevant messages from the animals. ​ For me, the process of animal communication means telepathically establishing a conversation with the animal and continually working with questions telepathically in order to get to know it better and learn more about the topics that are of interest. It is important to take into account that - similar to a conversation with a human - I do not want to manipulate any animal or force it to do anything and I cannot do so. Every spiritual being has its own free will, which I neither want nor can influence. In this context, I would like to please note that animal communication is not a replacement for necessary veterinary care or active behavioral training. ​ If this description still leaves any question marks, I am happy to be available at any time by email and offer free events on a regular basis: to get to know each other personally, to explain further background information on the subject of animal communication and for an open exchange.
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