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About me

The knowledge of animal communication and my own experience that universal communication from consciousness to consciousness actually works has changed my life and my view of life forever. It is therefore my heart's desire to share this life-changing knowledge with everyone who is open to it and wants to gain their own experiences.  

my motivation

Nala's presence seemed to endure despite physical farewells, and her advice increasingly guided me. The certainty about the actual effectiveness of animal communication grew and I completed an intensive one-year certification program for telepathic animal communicationMaia Kincaid, a pioneer in this field. 


To this day, I am in close contact with Maia and our animal communication colleagues who now work together and work with them on a voluntary basis on emerging cases and inquiries from various animal parents.


Nevertheless, I remain true to my scientific curiosity and engage in current research in related fields, particularly the existence of our consciousness beyond physical death. More about this is in the tabFAQs to be found.

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My mission

Putting myself at the service of animals fulfills a true wish of my heart. My scientific interest in spiritual topics also gives me a holistic approach to animal communication. This in turn offers us fascinating insights and possibilities if we open ourselves to it.


My mission has two primary goals:

  • To act as a neutral mediator between animals and humans and thus to serve the animals in particular.

  • To awaken the awareness or at least the openness among my human customers and interested parties that we are all fascinating soul beings and that our consciousness continues independently of our physical existence.

It is not my intention to convert anyone. I firmly believe that every person is ready for such topics in their own time. I value everyone's openness and curiosity about telepathy and soul connections beyond physical existence. I am happy to answer any questions and exchange ideas, not just as part of my animal communication services.


Christina Nelles

Internationally certified animal communicator

Certificate Animal Communication

My path to animal communication

I originally pursued an academic and career-focused path in business for around two decades. During this time I was more rational, with a strong inclination towards education and professional success. Knowledge of animal communication was distant. But the loss of my dog Nala changed everything... suddenly new perspectives opened up.

"We are spiritual beings having a human experience,

non-human beings having a spiritual experience"

-Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (French anthropologist and philosopher)

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